ERGONOMICS-AWARDS AWARD 2006 & 2016 & 1998


The Ergonomics Award 2006 of the Finnish Ergonomics Society has been presented to the National development of patient transfer ergonomics in the health care sector.

Ms Tamminen-Peter is a distinguished expert with wide knowledge and experience

The Ergonomics Award is presented to the Researcher, PhD Leena Tamminen-Peter. She is also a professional physiotherapist and teacher of nursing. Ms Tamminen-Peter works at the Institute of Occupational Health in Turku.

Dr Leena Tamminen-Peter has in the past 20 years participated in the development of health care personnel’s education and competence and in the dissemination of ergonomic knowledge to the staff in patient transfer work and health care students. She emphasises the importance of patient transfer ergonomics as an activity to activate patients and assist and support them through many kinds of methods and aids.  Ms Tamminen-Peter has worked as an educator in the theory and practice of patient transfer ergonomics both in educational establishments and at workplaces all over the country. She has acted in several international working groups in the health care sector and as a lecturer participated in various international congresses and work seminars.

Smolna, Government Banquet Room event 29.1.2016
Työympäristötyön kultainen erityisansiomitali – Special
Work-Environment works gold medal 2016
Myönnetty erityisen ansiokkaasta ja pitkäaikaisesta työskentelystä työympäristön kehittämiseksi
Granted for particularly meritorious, long-term work-environment development


Leena Tamminen-Peter, Researcher, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Turku,
tel. 040 544 7134,
email from:  letampe[at]gmail[dot]com



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