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Dr Leena Tamminen-Peter (PhD., T.P.T.)

Core activity:  specialised in occupational health,
research, ergonomics business consultation services, education and lecturing.


‘Ergonomic patient handling card®’ -training scheme card

The Ergonomic card is an evidence-based educational patient handling scheme developed by Dr Leena Tamminen-Peter for the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The ‘Ergonomic patient handling card®’ -training is carried out by authorised instructors such as myself.

Target group: Social- and health care professionals such as physiotherapists, nurses and their teachers.
Goal: To update one’s patient handling skills, according to current recommendations. Good skills reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders, improves risk assessment abilities
when assisting patients, contributes to safety and increases the quality of care and rehabilitation.
1) E-learning (for 2 months)
• The importance of ergonomics as a part of the patient’s care and own safety.
• Applying biomechanical principals when assisting patients to move with helping devices.
• Assessment of patients’ care dependency and need of assisting devices in the own unit.
• Body awareness is a starting point to for posture and movements of the nurse (practical exercises).
• Patient’s natural patterns are the starting point in assisting a patient to move.
• Legal and professional responsibilities.
• Four E-learning tasks must be done before entering the hands-on training.

2) Practical training (2 days)
• Natural movement patterns and body awareness of the assistant.
• Assessment and activation of patients’ resources.
• Assistance in various transfer situations.
• The practice of adequate assisting devices usage.
• How to deal with unpredictable occurrences.
3) Deepened one’s patient handling skills at one’s own workplace (c. during 1 month) or at a to be agreed upon care work institution.

4) Brief repetition course followed by the practical Ergonomic patient handling exam (1 day)


Leena Tamminen-Peter, Researcher, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Turku,
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