Leena Tamminen-Peter, PhD., T.P.T.

Leena Tamminen-Peter
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Occupational Health Economical Ergonomics (OHEE).

Leena is a Physical Therapist

trained in Ergonomics working in that field since 1976, assisting in problem-solving in a wide variety of settings (office, manufacturer, shipbuilding & service fields like kitchen & cleaning etc.) & implemented concepts of healthy body mechanics & workstation design for the benefit of both injured workers and those seeking to prevent injury.

Leena developed

the Ergonomic patient handling card® -education scheme and is a.o. a founding member of the IPPHE , a member of the writing group of the Technical Report ISO/TR 12296 esitys: article: & owner of ERGOCAREBANK group.

Leena is specialised

in ergonomics consultancy &/ education to achieve ROI (Ergonomics equates to Economics) & prevent or at least reduce musculoskeletal disorders & injuries.
Objective: promote employee efficiency, health & comfort by providing ergonomic worksite assessments, research & consultation to companies, towns, state & healthcare facilities Potilassiirtojen Ergonomiakortti® -koulutus education.
Ergonomia -avoin | -tilauskoulutusta -luennointia | -konsultointia ympäri vuoden
substitute the moving clients training, presently still insufficiently taught at vocational colleges & polytechnics, with an in-depth No Lift Policy education, while simultaneously assisting the healthcare personnel to update their skills to activate & help clients with as little as possible strain to their own musculoskeletal system.

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Patient Handling textbook.
Täysin uudistettu potilassiirto oppikirjat: Potilassiirrot – Taitava avustaja aktivoi ja auttaa 2013  | a Completely revised Patient Handling textbook – A skilled assistant activates & helps 2013. Ergonomia -avoin | -tilauskoulutusta -luennointia | -konsultointia ja Ergonomiakorttikoulutus Potilassiirtojen Ergonomiakortti® -koulutusta ympäri vuoden. (ilmoit.