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Työterveys, Leena Tamminen-Peter, Ergonomiakortti -koulutus

Ergonomics teacher – Ergonomia kouluttaja

Dr Leena Tamminen-Peter (PhD., T.P.T.), occupational health economical ergonomist (OHEE), researcher, trainer, lecturer and consultant in ergonomics, SPHM

Ergonomia -avoin | -tilauskoulutusta -luennointia | -konsultointia ja Ergonomiakorttikoulutus
Potilassiirtojen Ergonomiakortti®’ -koulutusta ympäri vuoden. (ilmoit.
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‘Ergonomic patient handling card®’ [later Card(s)] -course in English
scheduled for October 8th to December 5th, 2018.♠

Training includes
– from wherever you are, the E-learning phase and
– in Turku, Finland, a 2 days contact sessions & ½ a day Exam = demonstrations of practical skills without prior 1-month practice.
For further details, please see  or Economic Ergonomic Safe Patient Handling Movement | Mobility #EESPHM | your coach Leena Tamminen-Peter, The #EESPHMadvocate

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Leena offers practical, occupational, health, ergonomics,

cost-effective ergonomic services. Combining skills in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and ergonomics, we assess risk and recommend commercially viable methods to reduce risk based on current evidence in the field.
Your investment is returned (ROI) as follows:- Improvement in efficiency and productivity
– Reduction of sickness absence and associated costs
– Improvement in staff morale
– Provision of a safe and healthy working environment
– Fulfilment of legal obligations
– Reduction of litigation cases
Opettajan käsikirja (Teacher manual)

Curriculum vitae

Occupational Health  Economic Ergonomics (OHEE) –  Taloudellinen Ergonomia

Leena worked as an Occupational Physiotherapist

and teacher of Nursing Science trained in Ergonomics since 1976, assisting in problem solving in a wide variety of settings (office, hospitals, manufacturer, shipbuilding & service fields like kitchen & cleaning etc.) & implemented concepts of healthy body mechanics & workstation design for the benefit of both injured workers and those seeking to prevent injury.

As a Specialized Research Scientist

at Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) she dedicated over three decades to ergonomics and prevention in the health and social care work, – studies of physical strain of health care workers, – several intervention studies in the healthcare sector,- writing among others two Finnish textbooks for Patient Handling, one for students and one for teachers and was entrusted by FIOH  in 2007 with the development of the standardized  national ergonomic teaching scheme of patient-handling in healthcare education. This was supported by the Social and Health Ministry. During two years pilot phase 2007-2009, specialists of an interactive communication network participated in the development work. The result was published in 2009 as the Ergonomic patient handling card which is registered since 15.10.2010 as Ergonomic patient handling card® -training.

Leena is

a founding member of, & IPPHE,  a member of  the ISO/TR 12296 esitys the article writing group &
ERGOCAREBANK  group owner.

a member of the writing group of the Technical Report ISO/CD 12296 Ergonomics; she contributed to the “Manual handling of people in the healthcare sector” article:

specialised in ergonomics |  ergonomia consultancy &/ education to achieve ROI (Ergonomics equates to Economics) & prevent or at least reduce musculoskeletal disorders & injuries
Objective: promote employee efficiency, health & comfort by providing ergonomic worksite assessments, research & consultation to companies, towns, state & healthcare facilities

Potilassiirtojen Ergonomiakortti® -koulutus
Ergonomia -avoin | -tilauskoulutusta -luennointia | -konsultointia ympäri vuoden
Ota yhteyttä.


substitute the moving clients training, presently still insufficiently taught at vocational colleges & polytechnics, with an in-depth No Lift Policy education, while simultaneously assisting the healthcare personnel to update their skills to activate & help clients with as little as possible strain to their own musculoskeletal system

Patient Handling textbook

Täysin uudistettu potilassiirto oppikirja: Potilassiirrot – Taitava avustaja aktivoi ja auttaa 2013 | a Completely revised Patient Handling textbook – A skilled assistant activates & helps 2013.

Ergonomia kortti koulutus

ympäri vuoden, ota yhteyttä letampe[at]


Täysin uudistettu potilassiirtojen oppikirjat

Ergonomic services | Ergonomia palvelut

Ergonomic patient handling card® -training / Lecturing and Business Consulting in Ergonomics


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Dr Leena Tamminen-Peter
mobile phone: +358 (0)40 544 7134

My Skype name is: leenatamm

gmail: letampe

office fax: pls. send me an email



Possible also by appointment, tailor-made courses / training and/or lectures for groups of nurses.
Subject: ergonomics, physical strain, patient transfer as well as risk- assessment and management.

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