Occupational Musculoskeletal Disorder Injury Prevention


Reduce Ergonomic injuries / Occupational Musculoskeletal Disorders or Injury prevention 
Leena Tamminen-Peter, PhD., T.P.T.
OH physiotherapist, researcher, trainer and consultant in ergonomics, her aim include human factors and eliminate patient handling-related injuries and prevent musculoskeletal disorders she retired beginning 2010 from her Specialized Research Scientist post at FIOH.
Leena Tamminen-Peter
mobile phone: +358 (0)40 544 7134
Skype name: leenatamm
gmail: letampe
office fax: pls. send email
potilassiirrot_patientforflyttning_s_origmanagement_model_en_fi OCCUPATIONAL L. Tamminen-Peter Ergonomi_en_fi

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