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‘Ergonomic patient handling card®’ -education scheme

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‘Ergonomic patient handling card®’ -education scheme

‘Ergonomic patient handling card®‘-education scheme instructor list renewed 15.05.2015
The ‘Ergonomic patient handling card®’ -education scheme is now in fall 2015 about 6 years in existence, there are about 4300 card holders, of whom about 306 instructors of whom 229 gave permission to include them in the list.
Finland has about 384 000 caregivers i.e. presently 1 instructor for 1324 caregivers. Theoretically, an instructor could hold per year about 10 basic ‘Ergonomic patient handling card®’ -courses of 16 students per course.  But as:
1) not all instructors teach,
2) courses might not get full,
3) the facilities not large enough for 16 students
4) 10 courses per year are for an instructor on the long run too heavy and
5) the number of caregivers increase but slowly,
teaching all caregivers in safe patient handling and movement is presently and practically still not within a two decade’s reach. #ErgonomicPatientHandlingCard
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